Berkhamsted’s parish church 800th History Talks

Berkhamsted’s parish church is 800 years old. Here lies all the history of Berkhamsted. St Peter’s was the government of our town, it oversaw our births, marriages and deaths and the myriad events since the birth of the town. And it is our future.

In May, as part of the celebrations, there will be an exhibition and three talks of particular interest to Berkhamsted historians. These have been arranged in cooperation between St Peter’s and Berkhamsted Local History & Museum Society and you are very welcome to come to see the show and hear our four distinguished and knowledgeable speakers. The exhibition will be in St Peter’s Church throughout May and the talks will be in St Peter’s at 8pm

Tuesday 3rd May Talk 1. The History of Berkhamsted -speaker  Julian Hunt

Tuesday 10th May Talk 2. The History of St Peter’s Church – speaker Dr Christopher Green

Tuesday 17th May Talk 3. Berkhamsted in the Next 100 Years – speaker Peter Matthews

More information here

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