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16 Feb 2022

The history of allotments
Kate Harwood
[This talk will be via Zoom to members]

Just months before the outbreak of WWI, George Loosley wrote of Fulks and Osborn, two 90-year-olds:
They both cultivate their own garden, and the latter has an allotment which he also attends to. Two years ago, his son laughingly told me he asked his dad if he should dig up his potatoes for him. “No,” he said, “you’d leave half of ’em in the ground,” which goes to prove that the old man did his ground thoroughly. (Bucks Herald, 28 Feb 1914).

Jubilee Hazel Coppice at edge of Sunnyside Allotments

16 Mar 2022
Family & Estates of Berkhamsted
Tony Statham, BLH&MS Member
(this talk preceded by AGM)

The Dorrien family
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