HALH 40th Annual Symposium

Our 40th Annual Symposium will be taking place on Saturday 9 November at Woolmer Green. This year’s theme is ‘Local History, Landscape & Archaeology’ and we are very pleased to welcome some excellent speakers. We will be considering how the study of archaeology and local history come together in the research of our local landscape.  More details and a booking form can be found in the Autumn 2019 edition of News & Events or via our website


  • Archaeological Investigations on the Site of the Former County Gaol, Baker Street, Hertford (Peter Boyer)
  • The Swiss Cottage in Cassiobury Park, Watford: Estate of the Earls of Essex from the Late Seventeenth Century until 1922 (Laurie Elvin)
  • Why local historians need to be archaeologically literate (Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews)
  • A late medieval tile kiln at Buntingford Road, Puckeridge (Mark Hinman)
  • The Kelshall Hoard (Phil Kirk)
  • History, archaeology, local history: a strained relationship? (Kris Lockyear)
  • Henry VIII’s fishponds at Hunsdon (Anne Rowe)
  • Gobions and Beyond: archaeology and garden history in Hertfordshire (Tom Williamson)

We hope you will be able to attend, and if you haven’t already booked, please return your booking form by 26 October.

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