Berkhamsted Town Hall Museum!

Exciting news of a proposed Town Hall Museum…

Back in 1967, Percy Birtchnell wrote: “The question of a museum for Berkhamsted has been raised many times, but we always come back to the housing problem… Documents are easily stored; it is not so easy to find space for the tools of old crafts, furniture, dresses, and other relics worthy of preservation”.

The old Fire Station behind the Civic Centre houses documents and artefacts on behalf of local history societies (including Berkhamsted, Tring, Hemel etc) in accredited museum conditions, but there is no facility for exhibits and public visits are by appointment only.

Town Hall & shield_bk8272
Percy Birtchnell would be thrilled that Berkhamsted Town Hall Trust has agreed in principle to combine with the Society to investigate the possibility of a Museum in the Town Hall:

“Iain Lang thanked Giles Clark for producing the paper. Pete Elsworth stated that the Trust agreed in principle to the proposal assuming that the required funding could be obtained. Pete Elsworth and Ian Reay to attend the next meeting that Giles Clark arranged with the Berkhamsted Local History and Museum Society and other interested parties. It was also agreed that the existing design drawings and documentation, produced by Robert Martell & Partners for an earlier second floor renovation project, could be used by Giles Clark.”

Could there be a more perfect location for our Museum?

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