Can you help with Richard’s study?

I wonder if you can help.  I am a PhD student at the University of
Cambridge working on a thesis entitled A Social and Emotional History of
Fathers and Sons in Britain, 1945-1970.

As part of my research I am interviewing men about their memories of
being a father or son in the generation after the Second World War.
Ideally, I am looking for men from the same family, who were born either
between roughly 1924 and 1940 (fathers), or 1941 and 1958 (sons). The
interviews are very informal, lasting between one and two hours, with
breaks, or however long the interviewee can spare. I am interested in
interviewing fathers and sons either separately or together.

All participants will have the option to remain anonymous and a
transcript of the interview will be made available to them. I do ask
that the interviewee agree to quotes being used for academic purposes
and potentially in published work.

Would it be possible for you to convey this message to your members to
see if anyone is interested and meets the criteria? I am hoping to
conduct interviews over the course of the next few months and I am happy
to travel anywhere convenient for the interviewees (I just need a quiet

Contact Richard here

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