Sarah Littleboy 1795-1870, a Berkhampstead Quaker

An interesting little volume written by Sarah Littleboy’s children came to light entitled Memoranda relating to the late Sarah Littleboy of Boxwells Great Berkhampstead with selections from her poetry and manuscripts, London, 1873, printed by R. Barrett & Sons. It gives a fascinating insight into a strict upbringing of a young Quaker girl, and into the life of a Christian woman in nineteenth century Great Berkhampstead.


Sarah Littleboy

Sarah had an affectionate and loving nature and a vigorous and cultivated mind. Shortly before her death she instructed her executors thus: “My earnest prayer for my beloved family is, that they may ever be united… that they may bear one another’s burdens… Love is the dearest legacy I leave to each.” Sarah left behind her a legacy of poems, in which she reflects her feelings and impressions of Berkhampstead.

Jenny Sherwood, Chronicle, Vol II, pp.18-22