“Lost” Berkhamsted WWI photographs come home

In the last few years a unique album of 165 photographs of World War One era soldiers around Berkhamsted has come to light. Images from this album are now lodged with Berkhamsted Local History & Museum Society and are available for research. All the images are of the regiment that was stationed and trained in Berkhamsted for the full five years of the war – the Inns of Court Officers’ Training Corps (IOCOTC). Many local people and places are also included.

J T Newman

It is believed that the album of 86 pages is the personal record of the well-known (at the time) local commercial photographer James Newman. He was officially appointed by the IOCOTC, and affectionately known by them as “our indefatigable photographer”, because he carried his heavy plate camera for miles as they trained in the countryside. From 1908 to 1926 he lived and worked from Dean Incent House, opposite St Peter’s Church, which afterwards became a popular tea-room. Newman turned many of his images into postcards, which he sold to the troops and others. But he took so many that he kept others as a record, and it is some of these that appear to be contained in the album.

Norman Groves, Chronicle, v.XIII, pp.57-62