General John Finch

Generally speaking through the centuries the occupiers of Berkhamsted Place have not played a large part in the history of Berkhamsted. An exception to this was General Finch (born in Packington Hall near Coventry, seat of the Earls of Aylesford), who in the comparatively short time he was in Berkhamsted contributed markedly by his generosity to the life of the town, the evidence of which can still be seen today. Best remembered for improving the Bourne School (now the Britannia Building Society), General Finch also contributed financially and practically towards the Market House and Town Hall, which replaced the Market Hall destroyed by fire in 1854. His death in 1861 was met with much sadness.


General Finch

Nash in Reminiscences of Berkhamsted wrote: “The large-hearted General Finch will long be held in grateful remembrance, not only for his private benfactions, but also for the public spirit he has manifested.”

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